About us

We are an international franchise, with a pioneer and innovative concept unique in its style.

The Company is focused mainly in pleasing the consumers’ needs by offering perfumes with style and quality that keep up with their dynamism and way of life adapting itself to their demands.

Nowadays, Perfumes Factory counts with more than 290 franchises in the following countries: Venezuela, Aruba, Curaçao, Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

Its growth is due to our products’ excellence, which have the Company’s exclusivity seal. Thus, is how Perfumes Factory incorporates itself to our users’ everyday. The Company works hard day by day in order to provide you with the best products in the field of personal care.


Being and to be recognized as the best perfumery alternative in the whole country.


To reach all the Arubans’ homes, offering the highest quality perfumery products in the market.


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